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Our Mission

To empower artists, venues, and fans worldwide by simplifying the process of connecting artists with venues, amplifying their voices, and cultivating a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures creativity, fuels growth, and delivers remarkable experiences.

About Us

Our History

Music By Masses was founded in February of 2020 by two college students, Manley Feinberg III and Gabe Torres after a walk through campus at 2 AM. On the walk Manley and Gabe heard a piano in the distance and were drawn to the music. That moment they realized that there is a massive amount of undiscovered talent in the world that needs a platform to truly succeed. 

With that Music By Masses was born.


We envision a world where musicians can go from their parents basement to the big stage all on one platform.

We believe the music industry should be run by the people who matter the most, the artist and the fans.

Our Team


Manley Feinberg III

Advisor - Co-Founder

Scott Stern

Advisor – Co-Founder

Gabe Torres

Lead Developer

Akande Fiszy

Lead Developer